The Master Gardner

The Master Gardner

God, create a clean heart for me
and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Psalms 51:10

The flower beds around our home were bad. And when I say bad, I mean absolutely terrible. My husband and I have been neglectful in the care of these beds all through the summer. We both made excuses not to keep them up like- it’s too hot, or I just don’t have the time. Then it got to the point where we would go outside to look at them and shake our heads at what appeared to be such a huge undertaking. We didn’t even know where to begin anymore. Briars and vines had run rampant and covered our once beautiful azaleas and bushes. The metal edging surrounding the beds was now invisible behind a sea of green, scraggly mess.

Well today, we made a decision. After church, we exchanged our Sunday best for work clothes, pulled on our heavy duty gloves, and headed out to tame the jungle that was claiming our flowerbeds.

As we bent down and began to pull weeds, we realized something. All those vines and briars had shallow roots and pulled easily away from the ground. We were then able to roll them off the bushes like a carpet. Fifteen minutes later, we stepped back and there were our beautiful azaleas and bushes, good as new.

This reminded me of my relationship with Christ. There are times when I’m neglectful in my reading of His word and my prayer time becomes less about Him and more about me. I’m too busy to pick up my Bible. I tell myself I’ll do it later, but then life and distractions get in the way. There always seems to be just one more task I need to accomplish, and before I know it, the hours of the day are gone and I’ve missed the chance to spend time with the Lord. As this becomes the norm, the inevitable happens. Life and sin began to weigh me down. My once happy spirit becomes entangled and ensnared in worldly desires and my relationship with Christ grows more and more distant until one day, I look at myself and realize that His light has been choked out. And let me tell you, that’s a heartbreaking realization.

But there is hope. Amidst all that muck, Christ is still there. He never leaves me. All I have to do is call out to Him, repent, and He’ll roll that sin away like an old carpet. He’ll break those snares that bind me, and I’m once again made brand new.

A true relationship with Christ takes work and it’s not always easy. But He is with me every step of the way and His word tells me so.

For I, Yahweh your God, hold your right hand and say to you: Do not fear, I will help you. Isaiah 41:13

Today I pray that if the briars of life are choking out His light within you, that you open your heart and your Bible and let the Master do His weeding.

Many blessing to you,